Monash Innovation Research Commercialisation FAQs

Monash Innovation Research Commercialisation FAQs

Monash Innovation exists to help Monash researchers generate impact through commercialisation. Whether analysing markets, filing patents or closing licensing deals commercialisation is an iterative and collaborative process. Take a look to understand more about what we do, and how you can work with us to take your research from the lab to market.

Tech Transfer Overview

Before speaking to the team at Monash Innovation, it is a great idea to get your head around the basics of technology transfer. Here are a few resources to help you get started!

Your Idea

So you found something interesting. If you think your research has some commercial potential, or you are already working with industry, you should fill out an Invention Disclosure Form and speak to the team at Monash Innovation.


Evaluating the scope of commercial opportunities for your invention is a critical part in determining whether the invention can or should be protected by a patent.

Securing the IP

Applying for and securing a patent can be a long and expensive process. With your expert knowledge of the invention, Monash Innovation’s expert patent team will help draft the patent to give the invention the broadest scope of protection. If your invention doesn’t require formal registration, understanding what forms of IP protection are needed for commercialisation is still vitally important, whether it is software, data or crucial know-how.

License Out

Licensing out involves marketing to other companies who could potentially use the IP to create and sell products. The team at Monash Innovation will help find potential partners and negotiate the deals necessary to take the invention to market.


Spinouts are startup companies based on University IP. Setting up a spinout involves building a company from scratch. This means attracting and keeping talent, developing a product, speaking to investors, keeping the finances in order, and everything else to take the product to market and create a successful company. Spinouts can be a difficult and long journey, but here’s a few resources to help you get started!