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2D Water

The increasing scarcity of fresh water has made desalination a more viable option for water supply in many locations. Professor Huanting Wang and his associates at Monash University’s Department of Chemical Engineering have developed new membranes for desalination and water purification, with significantly improved functionality. The membranes consist of a porous supporting structure and a thin, two-dimensional ultrafiltration layer. Preliminary work by the inventors has demonstrated excellent performance of these membranes compared to existing commercially available membranes.

This new technology has been licensed to start-up company 2D Water Pty Ltd with investment from the China-based Tangshan Jianhua Industrial Group Ltd. Tangshan, also an investor in the SupraG start-up with Monash University, has committed to invest AU$6m over five years to develop and commercialise the graphene-based membranes. This is another example of successful progress in translating Monash University research to real world solutions.