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Measuring the pulse of the world

KASPR Datahaus provides real-time information about the world’s internet infrastructure, by collecting over 3.8 billion measurements from over 400 million, geo-referenced internet end-points every day.

Based on innovative work carried out by Monash researchers by Dr Klaus Ackerman, Assoc Prof Paul Raschky and Assoc Prof Simon Angus, this ‘alternative data’ company offers unique close-to-real-time insights about the availability and quality of ICT infrastructure at a country, province and city level worldwide – on a daily basis. Using the enormous volumes of global internet activity data, they are able to infer human social and economic behaviour.

Their Global Internet Pressure map is a publicly available tool that shows the strain that COVID-19 put on internet infrastructure.

In June 2020, the company announced that its Global ICT Intel Daily Data products were available to Bloomberg Data License clients via the Bloomberg Enterprise Access Point.

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