Monash IVF

monash ivf

The Monash In Vitro Fertilisation research program started as a combined project between Monash University and the University of Melbourne and resulted in the first human IVF pregnancy in 1973. Five years later, based on the work of Professors Alan Trounson and Carl Wood at the Monash Institute of Reproduction  and Development (MIRD), the first human IVF birth of Louise Brown was reported in the UK. Australia’s first and the world’s fourth IVF birth took place in Australia in 1980 and twelve of the world’s first fifteen IVF babies were conceived through the work of the group.

Monash University interests in the spinout company Monash IVF were sold in 2007 in a deal valued at $200M and Monash IVF Group is now listed on the Australian stock exchange. Monash IVF have continued to achieve many Australian and world firsts, with specialists and scientists who have outstanding international reputations, enabling new technologies  to be delivered to patients as soon as they are available.