Institutional performance framework

Institutional KPIs

Enabling tailored oversight of performance in accordance with the strategic directions of the University.

University-wide Key Performance Indicator Reporting

The University-wide Key Performance Indicators represent a set of top-level measures that assess progress towards reaching the goals and ambitions outlined in the Strategic Plan Impact 2030. Impact 2030 sets out our direction for the next decade - including how we will address global challenges for the benefit of the community - and also builds on achievements from the previous Strategic Plan Focus Monash. Well-established quantitative measures continue to feature in KPI reporting and are combined with case studies that illustrate the impact that Monash is achieving through its operations and activities.

The Enterprise Intelligence and Insights team has responsibility for integrated Key Performance Indicator reporting across the whole Monash Consolidated Group. The team delivers the annual University-wide KPI Report and supports KPI reporting for the University’s entities, partnerships and faculties.

Monash University Strategic Plan - Impact 2030 [PDF 5MB]

2022 University-wide Key Performance Indicator Report [PDF 2.5MB]

Lead indicators

Identifying early economic and social indicators to anticipate future movements in the higher education sector.

Selected Projects