Fellowships and grants

Whyte Fellowships, research and travel grants

The Whyte Fund provides Fellowships and grants for the advancement of research and scholarship in Librarianship, Archives and Records.

The Whyte Fund encourages applications for Fellows and research grants that:

  • through collaboration, increase the quality of research into Librarianship, Archives and Records
  • lead to high-impact joint publications
  • inject innovative ideas into research or graduate teaching in Librarianship, Archives and Records
  • open the way to increased international collaborations
  • create opportunities for junior researchers to expand their professional networks.

Whyte Fellowship Scheme

Whyte Fellowships are designed to bring prominent researchers, educators and professionals into Monash to work with local academics over an extended period. Fellows must be nominated by a Monash academic.

Applications for Whyte Fellowships should be submitted at least three months before the expected visit starts.

Download application form (DOCX, 0.15 MB)

Research grants for academics

The Whyte Fund invites applications from researchers seeking support for high-quality projects in librarianship, archives and records.Scholarly publications may also be considered, but this is not a priority area.

Applications that provide collateral funding will receive preferential consideration and projects must be completed within two years of grant allocation.

Read guidelines (PDF, 0.23 MB) Download application form (DOCX, 0.2 MB)

Funding can be requested for budget items that directly support the proposed research, under the broad expenditure categories of personnel, equipment and travel (excluding conference travel).

Requests for standard equipment which would normally be leased or purchased for use by Monash University staff and students will not be funded.

Successful applicants must submit:

  • progress reports every six months from the date the grant is awarded
  • a final report within six months of the final spend of the funding received.

Download progress and report form (DOCX, 0.2 MB)

Travel grants for PhD students

The Whyte Fund also offers travel grants to PhD students for international research visits and fieldwork. They are designed to enhance access to best practices in librarianship, archives and records research and help candidates develop their networks and interest in global collaborations.

Conference travel is not generally supported and the amount granted will typically not exceed $3,000.

Please ensure your submission is written using plain English that can be understood by non- specialists. If technical terms are used, please provide definitions.

Download application form (DOCX, 0.2 MB)

Applications for travel grants should be submitted in line with Round 2 grant applications as per above. A report must also be submitted within one month of completing the funded activity.