Transect lines

A total of 3 permanent transect lines are currently in place within the JMR grounds and are used in undergraduate units. A transect is a line or a series of sampling points in a line, positioned across a habitat or part of a habitat. They are used to conduct field surveys, in this case, to estimate the type, size and density of biological populations in the reserve.

The start of each transect line is clearly noted with a corten stand that has a QR code and a bronze blue tongue lizard sculpture.

Each transect line is colour coded; transect line 1 is green, transect line 2 is yellow and transect line 3 is red. Each transect line is made up of 5 pitfall buckets and 10 cover tiles that are numbered within their transect sequence and clearly marked using permanent, labeled stakes. Some of the cover tiles and pitfall buckets will be covered with grass and leaf litter so they may need some gently clearly to expose them.

What the transect lines look like and how to read them;