The JMR is a unique, protected and restricted reserve that offers research capabilities. Not only is there 3Ha of bushland which includes a 0.2Ha lake that can be utilised for research purposes, but there are also a number of facilities within the reserve that are available to conduct research. These include the controlled temperature rooms located in the Environmental Laboratories, a dedicated outdoor aquatic mesocosm area and fully equipped greenhouses located at the Plant Sciences Complex.

Research projects conducted at the JMR include;

  • Effects of hydroperiod on tadpole life history
  • Impact of pharmaceutical pollutants on ecology and evolution of wildlife
  • Invasion biology of fish and reptiles
  • Behaviour and macroecology of reptiles
  • Ecophysiology of tadpoles and frogs
  • Plant-based research projects including genetic, conservational and ecological studies

The Jock Marshall Reserve is a restricted site. You must receive access permission and complete the relevant induction process before entering the reserve. Please contact the Jock Marshall Reserve manager for more information.

Meet the Researchers that use the JMR


Professor Bob Wong

Bob is interested in the evolution of animal mating systems and behaviour,
and how investment in sex influences reproductive strategies and biological diversity.

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Dr Reid Tingley

Reid studies how species traits and environmental change influence the dual processes of invasion
and extinction at macroecological scales.

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Professor Dustin Marshall

Director, Centre for Geometric Biology Dustin is an evolutionary ecologist who is seeking to improve our understanding of
how energy moves through biological systems.

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Dr Vanessa Kellermann

Vanessa is an evolutionary ecologist, whose research aims to understand the main drivers
of species distributions.

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