Dustin Marshall

Professor Dustin Marshall

ARC Research Fellow
Head, Marine Evolutionary Ecology Research Group

T: +61 3 990 24449
E: dustin.marshall@monash.edu

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Research Overview

We work on a range of different topics on the evolution and ecology of marine organisms. Some of us are interested in traditional marine ecology whereas others are evolutionary biologists who happen to work on marine critters. Our lab has two main questions of interest:

  1. What are the causes and consequences of links between life-history stages in marine invertebrates?
  2. Does sexual selection play a role in the reproductive strategies of marine free-spawners?

Research Group

Research Fellows

  • Dr Robin Svenson
  • Dr Rolanda Lange
  • Dr Deigo Barneche
  • Dr Martino Malerba
  • Dr Giulia Ghedini

Research Assistants

  • Lucy Chapman
  • Belinda Comerford

PhD Students

  • Amanda Pettersen
  • Karin Svanfeldt
  • Hayley Cameron
  • Colin Olito
  • Evatt Chirgwin
  • Lukas Schuster
  • James Matcott