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Quantum computers

New research to help Australia remain a key player in quantum hardware development

Australia has made substantial investments in the development of quantum technologies.

Physics and Astronomy

Unlikely alliance of astrophysics and etymology inspires new children’s book


A love of astrophysics - and etymology, has inspired a new beautifully illustrated children’s book which unpacks the origins and meaning of ‘space words’.

Physics and Astronomy 25 January 2020

Monash physicist awarded prestigious PhD thesis medal for innovative brain imaging

Congratulations to Monash University scientist Dr Linda Croton who has been awarded the 2020 ANSTO Australian Synchrotron Stephen Wilkins Thesis Medal.

Physics and Astronomy 1 January 1970

Lightboard Studios team wins AFR Education Award

Congratulations to the Lightboard Studios team – a collaboration between Monash and La Trobe universities - which has won the Australian Financial Review (AFR) Higher Education Awards 2020 in the category for ‘Education Technology’.

Science 1 January 1970

To kill a quasiparticle: a quantum whodunit

What causes quasiparticle death?

In large systems of interacting particles in quantum mechanics, an intriguing phenomenon often emerges: groups of particles begin to behave like single particles. Physicists refer to such groups of particles as quasiparticles.

Physics and Astronomy
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