Science as a pathway to Medicine

Science as a pathway to Medicine

We’re often asked “Can you study Science to enter Medicine?”

The answer is ‘Yes!’

Monash Science → Monash Graduate Entry Medicine

If you complete the Bachelor of Science* at Monash University with the required prerequisite units and achieve a minimum 70+ WAM (Weighted Average Mark), you may be offered the opportunity to undertake an interview (Multiple Mini Interview - MMI) and Situational Judgement Test (SJT) as part of the application process. There is no requirement for Monash Science students to undertake the GAMSAT as entry is an internal process.

However, if you are applying for admission into another university’s Graduate Entry Medicine program, you will most likely be required to undertake the GAMSAT.

When designing your course for the Bachelor of Science, you could consider studying our Biomedical Science majors. At a minimum, you’ll need to complete the prerequisite units and most of these units are available within the Biomedical Science majors. “Most of these units are available within the Biomedical Science Majors”

In first year, this means that you will need to complete Biology and Chemistry sequences.

*Can also include Science double degrees, the Bachelor of Science Advanced Research and Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges

Monash Science  → Monash Biomedical Science

(internal course transfer)

Study the first year of the Bachelor of Science as a pathway into the Bachelor of Biomedical Science. This is an option if you want to study Biomedical Science, but don’t meet the entry requirements.

You will need to achieve a 70% average across your first year in Science and meet the subject prerequisites to be eligible for an internal course transfer to Biomedical Science.

To meet the subject prerequisites, study the following units in Science:

  • MTH1010 - equivalent to Mathematical Methods 3/4 OR PHS1031 - equivalent to Physics 3/4
  • CHM1011 + CHM1022 - equivalent to Chemistry 3/4 - you will need to study both units.

Depending on the units you study in your first year in Science, you may be eligible for credit upon transfer to Biomedical Science, but be prepared that you may only be able to receive limited credit. If you have specific questions about credit from Science into Biomedical Science, please submit an enquiry.

Monash Science → Graduate Entry Medicine (alternate medical school)

Complete the Bachelor of Science and apply to Graduate Entry Medicine at another university. Keep in mind that each university will have different entry requirements so you will need to check with each institution individually. It is likely you will need to complete the GAMSAT

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