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  • World-changing research

    Science at Monash is home to a vibrant, dynamic and world-renowned community at the forefront of innovation and discovery in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Earth, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences.

    Embracing the theoretical and the experimental, our research intersects with industry and government. Our scientists play a leading role on the national and international stage, collaborating with major institutions and industries worldwide. Fundamental to our vision is the training of future researchers who make a vital contribution to the Australian and global economies. Our students are taught, nurtured and mentored by scientists who are working at the cutting edge of their disciplines.

  • Research degrees

    Monash Science offers a broad range of research degrees, so you can find the path that best suits your intellectual and vocational passions.

    Through supervised research, you will be a member of a dynamic community of scholars and contribute to the advancement of knowledge within your specialist area.

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  • Our researchers

    Monash Science Stories is devoted to portraying, via words and video, the rich tapestry of human stories that form the heart of the Monash University Science community.

    The documentary-style films and written stories provide a deep insight into the passion, intelligence, diversity and expertise of the people who make up Monash Science's research and teaching core.

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  • Find a PhD Supervisor

    Undertake a science research degree and turn your passion into scientific solutions. You'll learn from respected researchers.

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