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Springtails, such as this neanurid species, play a key role in terrestrial ecosystems. Image: ChownLab, Monash University.

Major threats to soil ecosystems from a combination of invasive species and climate change

Soil ecosystems are critical for agriculture, biodiversity and human well-being. Poor soil health means a poor planetary outlook.


Breaking the deadlock on the ivory trade – researchers propose a new strategy to address the poaching crisis

An African elephant

The current elephant poaching crisis makes it imperative to advance international debates on the ivory trade.


Linkage Project Grant to examine the secret life of lizards

Australia is species poor for birds, mammals and frogs, but our environment has enabled reptiles to flourish.


Living on thin air – researchers discover microbes that could survive beyond earth

Monash microbiologists have shown how life can exist in extreme environments.

NHMRC funding for Science Academics

Monash Science awarded NHMRC grants to tackle male infertility and tuberculosis

Monash Science has received a major win in today’s NHMRC funding announcement with more than $800,000 allocated to research projects investigating male infertility and tuberculosis.

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