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Bacterial viruses known as ‘bacteriophages’ can penetrate the epithelial cell layers of the gut and spread throughout the sterile regions of the body.

Bacterial viruses found to interact with human cells, study finds

International research co-authored by a Monash biologist has shown for the first time that bacterial viruses (bacteriophages) directly interact with the cells of the human body.


New ‘artificial selection’ research findings signal threat for marine environments

Scanning electron microscopy of a single-celled green microalga Dunaliella tertiolecta

A new study by Monash biologists has provided fresh insights into the long-standing questions of why animals are of the size they are and what happens when we artificially induce a change in their size.


Research sheds new light on how organisms use energy in a crowd

Monash scientists have uncovered new and surprising discoveries about how organisms can regulate energy use when their numbers increase.


Climate change predicted to be a stealthy killer of Bamboo Lemurs

International research involving a Monash biologist warns that Bamboo Lemurs could become extinct as climate change eradicates their preferred food source – tender bamboo shoots.

Laura Woods, Michael McDonald, Aysha Sezmis

New discovery challenges long-held evolutionary theory

Monash scientists involved in one of the world’s longest evolution experiments have debunked an established theory with a study that provides a ‘high-resolution’ view of the molecular details of adaptation.

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