Learning beyond the classroom

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Ecology & biodiversity

A rocky shore field trip to Flinders on a weekend during the semester.
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BIO2011 Flinders

Marine biology

A week at the Queenscliff Marine Station. Working in small project groups with a staff member, you investigate various aspects of the biology of plants and animals from intertidal and shallow sub-tidal shore environments.
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Biology of Australian vegetation

A four-day field trip to Lake Mountain, providing you with a practical experience of some of the methods and ecological principles covered in the lecture course.
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Tropical terrestrial biology

A week-long compulsory field component at Gunung Mulu National Park in Borneo-Malaysia during the second-semester break.
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Earth, atmosphere and environment
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Earth, atmosphere and environment 1

A day field trip to three locations along the Mornington Peninsula to practise making field observations and to apply the skills learned in EAE1011.

EAE1011 Mornington Pennigsula

Earth, atmosphere and environment 2

A day field trip to Warburton and Mt Donna Buang to practise making field observations and to apply the skills learned in EAE1022.

EAE1022 Yarra Valley

EAE2111 Introduction to climates science

A half-day on-campus field activity making meteorological observations (e.g. with drones or weather balloons).

EAE2111 oncampus

EAE2322 Environmental earth science

A two-day field trip to Foster to learn key skills in field sampling, monitoring and analysis of soils, water and vegetation.

EAE2322 Foster

Deep Earth Processes

Two one-day field trips to Phillip Island and Studley Park to identify and analyse geological features in place.

EAE2511 Phillip Island

Earth Surface Dynamics

A day field trip to San Remo to practise identifying and mapping features.

EAE2522 San Remo

Field Geology and Geological Mapping

A seven-day intensive mapping camp in the Buchan area of eastern Victoria to practice interpreting and mapping local geology.



A one-day field trip to the mineral springs in Daylesford.

EAE3022 Daylesford

Oceans and coasts

Two one-day field trips to Mornington and Western Port to investigate the interactions between the ocean and the surrounding landscape.

EAE3311-Mornington Western Port

Soils and land management

A two-day field trip to the Goulburn Valley to learn key skills in the sampling and analysis of different soil types in the field and appropriate methods of storage and transport of soil samples.

EAE3321 Goulburn Valley

Water and the land

A day field trip to Healesville and surrounds to understand the connections between water and the surrounding landscape.

EAE3331 Healesville

Geoscience: Ore deposits and metals of the future

A day field trip to Bendigo to examine ore deposits.

EAE3512 Bendigo

Geoscience: Deformation of the crust

A two-day field trip to Walkerville and Cape Liptrap to investigate geological structures such as the Waratah Fault Zone and the folds at Cape Liptrap.

EAE3531 Cape Liptrap

Geology and geomorphology in the field (intensive)

A 14-day field trip to Broken Hill, learning to observe, interpret and record geological and landscape processes and their expressions in the bedrock and landscapes.

EAE3540 Broken Hill

Igneous and metamorphic processes

Two two-day field trips to Wilsons Prom and Omeo to identify and analyse geological features in place.

EAE3541 Wilson Prom

Indigenous science: Science through the eyes of Australia’s first people

An on-Country experience at a location within Victoria (varies) - A two-day field trip to Yorta Yorta Country, A day field trip to Boon Wurrung/Bunrong Country

SCI2030 Varies

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Environmental chemistry: Water


Two one-day field trips to the Yarra River estuary and Dandenong Creek that integrate classroom theory with real-life observations of how this theory plays out and to learn professional sampling and measurement techniques.

CHM2951 Yarra River

Environmental chemistry

A mix of online activities, face-to-face workshops and hands-on lab work, including a local field trip.

CHM3960 Jock Marshall Reserve

Global Immersion Guarantee

GIG is a funded two-week fieldwork unit (12 credit points) that takes you to one of eight countries at the end of your first year (China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Samoa, Vanuatu). While abroad, you will learn from local leaders about how they’re working to address the human impact on the environment in different local contexts and see first-hand how to balance environmental protection, and sustainability with economic and social development.

Study Abroad

A Monash Science degree can take you around the world. From intercampus study, a university partner exchange, to study tours and overseas placements, there’s a range of opportunities available.

Study Tours and International Field Trips

SCI2400 - Creative methods at the intersection of science and art

  • Based at Monash Prato Centre in Italy, you will be immersed in a journey into how art and science provide complementary modes of creative thinking that have contributed to the development of science, culture and society.

BIO3820 - Tropical terrestrial biology

  • Spend a week-long field trip to Gunung Mulu National Park in Borneo-Malaysia to focus on the biology of terrestrial tropical ecosystems in South East Asia.

An internship can help you gain new skills and industry knowledge, build contacts and networks.

Whether you are just starting in your career or taking the next step, here are just some of the many personal and professional benefits of completing an internship:

  • Improve your employability
  • Develop a global perspective
  • Make a difference
  • Improve your study
  • Get academic credit
  • Spread your enrolment across the year

ADS3001 - Advanced Data Challenges (Applied Data Science and Applied Data Science (Advanced) students only)

  • This is the final in a series of Data Challenges units that draws together your mathematical, computational and applied studies.

SCI3501 - Impact Through Science 3A (Global Challenges students only)

  • Complete a domestic or international science-based internship of between 100 to 120 hours, where you will put into practice the knowledge, leadership and entrepreneurial skills developed in your course.

SCI3920 - Science Internship & SCI3925 - Science Internship (extended)

  • Undertake a science-based internship of either 80-120 hours or 144-160 hours (extended), where you will put into practice the knowledge and skills developed in your course.
  • Two options to source your internship - You can source your own internship host. Alternatively, you can apply for a Monash-sourced placement, which is via a competitive process.