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If you love science, and you are curious, adventurous, creative and prepared to challenge the status quo, then this course is for you.  The application process for the selective entry,  Bachelor of Science Advanced (honours)  – Global Challenges course involves a few extra requirements compared to some other courses.

In addition to meeting the course prerequisites, a supplementary submission form asks you to address three questions, on the basis of your supplementary submission, applicants may be offered an online-interviews are offered as part of the application process.

Why an interview? Because here at Global Challenges we are keen to find out more about you beyond your school marks and grades. The interview is an opportunity for you to share your passions and motivation for applying to this degree.

We warmly welcome Indigenous, international and interstate applicants. We are committed to promoting equal opportunity in education in accordance with universal principles of equity, fairness and social justice and in compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

Come and find out more about Global Challenges during the Monash University Faculty of Science open days. You will have a chance to speak to staff, students and alumni about the degree.

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This information is correct as at 4 August 2022. Please check this page regularly for updates