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Nuclear technology unlocks 50-million-year-old time capsules

A scientific analysis of fossilised tree resin has caused a rethink of Australia’s prehistoric ecosystem, and could pave the way to recovering more preserved palaeobiological artefacts from the time of dinosaurs or prehistoric mammals.

Earth Atmosphere and Environment

Linkage Project Grant to examine the secret life of lizards

The Scincidae

Australia is species poor for birds, mammals and frogs, but our environment has enabled reptiles to flourish.


Monash Science awarded NHMRC grants to tackle male infertility and tuberculosis

Monash Science has received a major win in today’s NHMRC funding announcement with more than $800,000 allocated to research projects investigating male infertility and tuberculosis.


Living on thin air – researchers discover microbes that could survive beyond earth

Monash microbiologists have shown how life can exist in extreme environments.

X-ray image of the chest of rabbit kitten

Physics breakthrough a game changer for global healthcare with potential to reduce radiation from x-rays

An international study led by a Monash physicist could pave the way for radically reducing medical radiation dose from x-rays and CT scans.

Physics and Astronomy
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