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Close lookup of Mars

Space snacks – if there’s life on Mars, they’re likely to be eating cosmic dust

Mars is a barren and inhospitable place, however, scientists think there is a chance that simple lifeforms such as microbes may still exist on the planet. But if they are out there – what are they eating?

Earth Atmosphere and Environment 16 July 2019

Master of Environment and Sustainability students under the international spotlight

MES-international spotlight

Monash University Master of Environment and Sustainability students, Luke Richards and Ridwanur Rahman have won highly competitive scholarships to attend the prestigious International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) in New York.

Student News 15 July 2019

Leap years, equinoxes and dates: A very short history of the calendar

To make a calendar, it’s necessary to define a “year”. That sounds easy enough – we all know that it takes about 365 days for the Earth to make one complete revolution about the sun. But what does that really mean? And where should we begin counting the days? It turns out that making a useful calendar isn't as simple as it seems.

General News 15 July 2019

Monash chemists may find a sustainable alternative to palm oil in soaps and cosmetics

The Australian Research Council (ARC) has awarded Monash chemists $442,635 to work with industry on developing a new generation of sustainable surfactants.

Chemistry 10 July 2019
employment success for international students

Getting personal – formulating employment success for international students

International students contribute more than $32.2 billion to the Australian economy every year. The majority of these students are self-funded who use education as an investment in their future. However, these students are increasingly concerned about low employment outcomes, particularly in full-time work.

Science 8 July 2019
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