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Female Daphnia magna with a clutch of asexual eggs.

Sex, man flu and the water flea

Dr Matt Hall is interested in the differences between males and females. Why are some males of a species larger and stronger, while females are more hardy and long-lived? Why do they experience illness differently?

Features and Opinion

New computer simulations uncover the cause of mystery cosmic ‘horseshoe’ dust

Since 2013 astronomers have been wondering about giant dust shaped in a horseshoe surrounding a young star named ‘HD142527’.

Physics and Astronomy

Monash Biologist awarded international grant to investigate myofibrillar myopathy treatments

The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) in the USA has awarded Associate Professor Robert Bryson-Richardson around AUD$340,000 over three years to examine treatments for myofibrillar myopathy – a neuromuscular, genetic disorder which results in the progressive deterioration of muscle strength and function.


New science unit on Galileo to be delivered in Prato, Italy

Where better to learn about Galileo than in Italy – the home of the astronomer who is a central figure in science, astronomy, physics, philosophy and mathematics, to name but a few disciplines.

Pollutants disrupt female fish sex life Credit: Pierson Hill

Cow steroid pollutants in waterways disrupt the mating habits of female fish, study finds

An international study led by the Monash School of Biological Sciences has found that female fish are less interested in sex if they have been exposed to environmental contaminants associated with livestock production.

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