Gender Equity and Inclusion

Gender equity and inclusion seeks to provide equal opportunities and equal expectations for individuals, regardless of their gender, race, culture or sexual identity. It builds the foundations for an inclusive and productive workplace in which all individuals can achieve their best and diversity is valued.

The Committee seeks to advance gender equity and inclusion within the Faculty of Science, so our community of staff and students welcomes and reflects the diversity of the Australian community.

Terms of Reference

  1. To report to the Dean of the Faculty, on University equity, diversity and inclusion policies, strategies and programs to will enable the Faculty to support all staff and students in the Faculty of Science
  2. To develop and implement strategies to assist the Faculty in meeting equity, inclusion and diversity objectives.
  3. To provide advice to the Science Senior Management Committee (SSMC) on policy, objectives and programs concerning all equity, inclusion and diversity matters.
  4. To promote effective communication and understanding of the principles of equity, inclusion and diversity throughout the Faculty.
  5. To identify priority areas in equity, inclusion and diversity that are of relevance to the Faculty of Science.


  • Michael Brown (Chair)
  • Keran Sandhu (Secretary)
  • Victoria Blair (Chemistry)
  • Rico Tabor (Chemistry)
  • Mike McDonald (Biological Sciences)
  • Christen Mirth (Biological Sciences)
  • Daniel Matthews (Mathematics)
  • Kaye Morgan (Physics & Astronomy)
  • Melanie Finch (Earth, Atmosphere & Environment)
  • Renay Wallis (Monash HR)
  • Susie Ho (Faculty Office)
  • Vanessa Wong (School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment)