Why study science at Monash?

Why study science at Monash?

If you want to make a difference, studying Science at Monash University will give you the opportunity to learn from leading experts whose research is influencing the world's future.

Science at Monash is at the forefront of teaching and research in pure and applied sciences. You will develop academically and personally in a dynamic and stimulating environment, with access to brilliant minds and exceptional facilities.

Meet our Dean

Professor Jordan Nash joined the Faculty of Science as the Dean in July 2017. He is a prominent scientist who has successfully led a 400-strong team at one of the world’s highest-ranked universities.

He was formerly the Head of the Department of Physics at Imperial College, London. An experimental particle physicist for more than 25 years, Professor Nash also leads significant global scientific collaborations including at CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research that operates the world’s largest physics laboratory).

With more than 1100 publications to his name, Professor Nash has been the principal investigator on £16 million worth of research grants.  He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Physics.

Professor Nash is committed to strengthening Monash Science, its people and facilities so that we can play a leading role in Australia and the world in facing  challenges in the 21st century.

Size isn't everything, or is it?

Each year Monash accepts around 1,000 students into science, less than half of other similarly-sized institutions. Fewer students means more access to our science-exclusive support services including a careers advisor, industry placement program and revision classes. More importantly we offer double  the  lab hours as compared to other universities, meaning there are more opportunities to get hands-on.

Additionally, we offer genuine flexibility via our Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science Advanced –Research (Honours) courses, putting you in charge of how you structure your degree—all science, science plus electives outside of science—the choice is yours.

State-of the-art facilities

If you haven't been to the Clayton campus for a while, you may not realise the science precinct has been transformed. We've invested millions in new facilities, teaching and learning spaces for our students. From our new state-of-the-art chemistry labs, to our science student only lounge and other informal in and outdoor study chill-out spaces -our spaces provide  an  excellent on campus experience.

The many science-only opportunities

At Monash our focus is on ensuring you graduate career-ready. In addition to gaining a solid education in science, you are offered opportunities outside the classroom. You can get involved in leadership programs, ambassador programs, seek extra study support, pre-exam support, or even get involved in research  at  undergraduate level if you choose to.

Appeal to the head and heart

Most people study science because it is something they love. The advantage of studying science at Monash is the ability to combine it with another interest area, perhaps graduating with a double degree. You also have the flexibility to build your course around your love of science (and not be forced  into  breadth areas outside science). Alternatively, you can also choose the Bachelor of Science Advanced - Global Challenges (Honours) course, which combines your love of science, with the skills to make an impact on the world via entrepreneurship.

We also recognise your passion for science by offering those of you studying more than one science subject through years 11 and 12 a VTAC subject bonus.