Global Experiences

Our industry-based approach to learning provides our students with the skills and confidence to tackle the big problems, while our partner organisations benefit by having access to students with the latest knowledge in the field.

Gaining experience in the field, working with those on the front-lines of global challenges and learning first-hand how you might solve them are just some of the incredible experiences that a Global Challenges internship has on offer. Sourced by the student, either individually or in collaboration with the Work Integrated Learning team, the Global Challenges internship experience thrust you right into the heart of work opportunities in areas that interest you. The internship unit SCI3501 is invaluable in enabling students to immerse themselves in areas they may not otherwise have been exposed to via a standard science degree and apply leadership, communication and business skills learnt in our “Impact through Science” units.

Furthermore, Global Challenges students have the exciting opportunity to undertake some of their studies as part of an exchange programme, provided through either individual sourcing or the broad Monash University network.

So what does getting  ‘on the ground’ experience look like? Examples of where our students have made a difference  include:

  • AQUEST (Aquatic Environmental Stress Research Group)
  • Banyule City Council
  • Burnet Institute
  • Citizens Climate Lobby Australia
  • ClimateWorks Australia
  • Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO)
  • Edapt Education
  • Mind Medicine Australia
  • Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute
  • Monash Climate Change Communication Research Hub
  • Monash Food Innovation Centre
  • Monash University - School of Social Sciences
  • Predictive Analytics Group
  • Scientell Pty Ltd
  • Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
  • WhyHive Pty Ltd
  • World Mosquito Program
  • Kids Unlimited -- India
  • Oceanwide Science Institute -- United States
  • Pukaha National Wildlife Centre -- New Zealand (Aotearoa)
  • Purpose PBC -- United States
  • Surrey Schools -- Canada
  • ICRO International Group Pty Ltd (for Shanghai Pharmaceutical Group)
  • PECET (Program of Study and Control of Tropical Diseases)
  • Fiji Government Ministry of Health And Medical Services
  • ROLE Foundation - Indonesia
  • Irish Heart Disease Awareness
  • Amaizz Advanced Agriculture Ltd.
  • Pukaha National Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Ugandan Youth Alliance for Family Planning and Adolescent HealthMercer Limited

Information on internship units at Monash University, including SCI3501, can be found here.

Our talented students undertake international and domestic internships as part of this course. Hosting a Global Challenges student as an intern provides your organisation with a team member with scientific knowledge as well as training in communication, entrepreneurship and leadership skills.

All of our students have been selected based on their professionalism, problem-solving abilities and desire to make a positive difference in their chosen industry. Our students have a unique blend of skills including; teamwork, communication, adaptability, emotional intelligence and creative thinking.

Students generally undertake internships in their university holidays during December - February or June - July. As a Monash University requirement, the internship must be a minimum of 120 hours, but we encourage longer placements.

As a participating host organisations you will need to agree to:

  1. Arrange an internship that is based upon the needs of the business and the skills and capabilities of the students.
  2. Provide the intern with a designated workplace supervisor who will liaise with the university and mentor the student.
  3. Provide an internship that is consistent with the student’s level of expertise and skills and that allows scope for creativity and skill development.


Participating hosts are not obligated to provide financial remuneration to students undertaking these internships. Hosts may offer a nominal gratuity to students to cover expenses. The Faculty of Science provides a small bursary to cover the student expenses during the internship period or international travel.

The Global Challenges team is always looking for collaborative opportunities in a variety of industry sectors.  Please contact us with your questions or to discuss how Global Challenges students can enhance your business/organisation using the details below:


Faculty of Science: +61 (0)3 990 51391