Undergraduate internships

Undergraduate internships

Want to get hands-on experience while you study, and open up new possibilities for your career? Then an internship might be for you!

Internship features:

  • Available to domestic and international students
  • Can be paid or unpaid depending on the industry partner
  • Available in a wide range of host organisations, including for profit and not-for profit
  • Includes academic and work supervisor assessment activities
  • Students can find their own industry placements and projects
  • SCI3920 and SCI3501 are available in semester 1 and 2 and summer semester A & B; SCI3501 is also available in winter semester.  ADS3001 is currently only available in Semester 2.
  • Duration: 120 hours of placement is required for SCI3920 and SCI3501 and 144 hours for ADS3001.

Undergraduate internship units:

  • SCI3920 – Science Internship
  • SCI3501 – Impact Through Science 3A (Global Challenges students only).
  • ADS3001 -  Advanced Data Challenges


Find Out More

The WIL team run information sessions throughout the year. Sessions are normally run in March/April and July/August.

See the March recorded sessions below and if you would like to register for the July/August sessions, please leave your details here and we'll be in touch once dates are confirmed.

  • Monash Sourced Placements - March Info Session recording.  Password: H=Z.pG9z
  • Student Sourced Placements - March Info Session recording.  Password:  hE1bt*A$

Key Dates:

Application and Approval Process

Select a suitable placement type:

Option A – Monash Sourced placement: Choose this option if you want the Faculty to find you a suitable placement. Note that this is a competitive process.
Information about the Monash Sourced placements

Option B – Student Sourced Internship: You may wish to approach a host organisation of your own choosing and find yourself a placement. For more details on how to find your own placement, see the Information about Student Sourced placements sheet.

International/Offshore placements

Currently only students residing in their country of citizenship or permanent residency may undertake a placement offshore.

You must provide evidence of your residency and required insurances in the country of placement and you will be required to register with Monash Abroad (see below for details).  Depending on the location of your placement, your placement may need to be 100% remote.

Please read the information below to ensure you understand the application process and requirements and please contact us at wil.international@monash.edu if you have any questions.


If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us

For offshore/international placements please email: wil.international@monash.edu