Katie Barnett

Katie Barnett

Katie Barnett

  • Degree type: Double Degree
  • Degree(s): Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Bachelor of Science
  • Major(s): Environmental science
  • Specialisation: BSc BEng (Honours) majoring in computer science

Winning the “Computer Whizz” award at Greythorn Primary School aged five got Katie Barnett interested in computers. “I worked it out even though the teachers couldn’t understand it.” said Barnett. By the time she’d finished Year 12, Barnett had also completed a vocational TAFE course in Certificate IV in information technology. Liking computers but unsure of what she wanted to do with them vocationally, she enrolled in a double degree at Monash in electrical engineering and science.

Said Katie, “The choice of electives on offer in science gave me the ‘building blocks’ for a career in computers,”

“Studying the computer language “C” gave me a more in-depth understanding of languages that is needed in many jobs. Most of the subjects had highly practical components using lots of examples from real life.”

Katie worked at IBM as a user interface specialist who deals with the “front end” of software – the “things you see” on the screen such as buttons, links, tabs and graphics. She talks to clients to help improve their websites and has worked on the websites of large companies including big retailers.

Now a Lead Engineer at Bilue, Katie brings applications to life through the building of apps, websites and interactive games and is a co-organiser for the Google Developer Group community, as well as the leader for the Women TechMakers Melbourne chapter – a Google program providing visibility, community and resources for women in technology.

“I’m never satisfied, always trying new things – I’m a geek girl and proud of it.”