Top 10 facts about science at Monash University

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If you're considering studying science, and you don't read anything else on this website about our science degree, make sure you read this!

  1. Our science degree offers the flexibility and choice that other universities claim to but don't. You can study subjects across the scientific spectrum and even take units from other faculties such as Arts. Fancy mixing physics with theatre?You can at Monash.
  2. We are a friendly Faculty with a small student-to-staff ratio meaning that we focus on you as an individual and give you proper support.
  3. We're not all theory; you'll get plenty of hands-on lab hours.
  4. You'll be learning from academics who are pioneering international research in their scientific disciplines. Our undergraduate students are actively encouraged to participate in research projects and some of our students have been published in leading scientific journals, and accompanied their teachers on expeditions to Antarctica and Africa.
  5. The world is your classroom when you study science with us.  25 of the units we offer take you from the classroom out into the field – to places as far flung as Heron Island, Borneo, and the Cinque Terre in Italy.
  6. Our approach to teaching is unique. For example, you'll study geology by actually getting your hands dirty in our brand new outdoor classroom – the Field Experience Rock Garden. If biology is your thing, our amazing outdoor reserve allows you to study the natural world in the great outdoors. Physics students benefit from an innovative group approach to learning that throws traditional lectures out of the window, developing skills in team-working, problem-solving and leadership.
  7. Our state-of-the-art science 'precinct' is home to two student lounges just for science students, along with many other comfortable break-out spaces for studying and hanging out.
  8. We've spent millions in recent years on making our student facilities and buildings among Australia's best.
  9. You'll be given lots of coaching and guidance to prepare you for the world after university, from learning leadership skills to writing your CV. We have an in-house careers consultant, alongside leadership and mentoring programs to hone your non-academic skills and help prepare you for your dream job.
  10. We have a proven track record of providing a springboard to a huge range of careers and postgraduate research in science and beyond.