Monash Earth Sciences Garden


Welcome to the Monash Earth Sciences Garden

The first of its kind in Australia and the most comprehensive worldwide, the Monash Earth Sciences Garden is inspired by the geology and geomorphology of Victoria, Australia.

The Monash Earth Sciences Garden comprises a stunning arrangement of nearly 500 rock specimens, weighing up to 14 tons, laid out to represent a pattern of rock outcrops and set amongst beautiful native plants representing each geographical region. Former Head of School, Earth, Atmosphere and Environment, Professor Sandy Cruden, who was part of the team of Earth Scientists who developed the Monash Earth Sciences Garden concept, said the Monash Earth Sciences Garden establishes a brand new, hands-on approach to teaching geology, physical geography and atmospheric sciences.

"The Earth Sciences textbook is brought to life by this dynamic outdoor classroom which offers a practical approach to learning field measurement and mapping techniques, and rock and mineral recognition skills," Professor Cruden said.

Step into this stunning space in the heart of Monash's Clayton Campus and you will find yourself immersed in a 'living' geological map of Victoria. Rock specimens represent a variety of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks found in Victoria and range from large, black 'bombs' from an 8,000-year-old volcano near Colac, to spectacular 400-million-year-old fossiliferous limestone from Buchan in eastern Victoria.

Aimed primarily at undergraduate students as well as secondary and high school students, the Monash Earth Sciences Garden also provides a beautiful relaxation space for students and visitors.