Research Project

The project component of the Honours year is the unit PHS4100 for Physics and ASP4100 for Astrophysics.

To enrol in Honours you need to choose a research project in consultation with an academic from the School of Physics & Astronomy. We provide you with several resources to help you with this choice:

  • In the Research Areas section, you can find a list of researchers and their areas of interest.
  • In the Project Supervisors section you can find a list of potential supervisors and their example projects.

You need to contact the academic(s) related to the area(s) of interest in which you wish to pursue a research project and discuss possible projects with them. You can start a conversation about possible projects by emailing the relevant academic(s).

Please note:

  • You can contact an academic about a possible project, even if they do not have any example projects listed.
  • Even if you are interested in pursuing research similar to one of the example projects, you still need to contact your potential supervisor to discuss the details with them.
  • Potential projects, and academics' research interests, are not limited to the example projects listed.
  • Many academics are listed under more than one Research Area.
  • Previous Honours projects in the School of Physics & Astronomy have led to students publishing papers in high-impact research journals - this could be you!

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