Applied and Computational Mathematics

Mathematics is the language of Science, and increasingly of many other disciplines. Applied Mathematics takes mathematical structures, ideas and techniques and uses them to understand, explore and predict the behaviour of physical, biological, ecological, technological, industrial, organisational and other systems. In most cases, this now involves modelling and simulation using powerful computers.

Applied Mathematics is how Mathematics engages with the world.

Academic Staff

Prof Santiago BadiaCOMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICS: Numerical approximation of PDEs, Computational Science and Engineering, Parallel Scientific Computing, Numerical Linear
Dr Simon BowlyMixed Integer Programming, Algorithm performance analysis, Optimisation applications, Operations
Prof Paul CallySolar physics, magnetohydrodynamics, helioseismology, MHD
Dr Simon ClarkeEvolution of nonlinear waves in geophysical fluid dynamics, numerical modelling meteorology, modeling density-stratified
Dr Tiangang Cui
Computational inverse problems; Uncertainty quantification; Model reduction; Machine learning; Computational geophysics; Subsurface flows.
Dr Kengo DeguchiMathematical physics, High-speed fluid flows, asymptotic analysis, nonlinear PDEs (Naiver-Stokes equations), dynamical systems theory picture of
Dr Alina DoneaSolar Physics, Applied Mathematics for Helioseismology, Solar flares, Machine Learning Data Applications and solar
Prof Jerome DroniouNumerical methods for elliptic and parabolic PDEs, polytopal meshes, high-order methods, finite volume methods, convergence analysis, compactness techniques.Jerome.Droniou@monash
Prof Andreas ErnstOperations Research, Integer Programming, Meta-heuristics, Applications of optimisation in logistics, mining &
Dr Mark FleggApplied mathematics, Mathematical modelling, Applied stochastic processes, multiscale modelling and Mathematical
Prof Phil HallApplied Mathematics, nonlinear stability theory,
Dr Ngan LeTheoretical and numerical analysis of stochastic partial differential equations, anomalous sub-diffusion
Dr Janosch RiegerI am working on the numerical and analytical treatment of stationary and evolving shapes and sets with applications in control theory, inverse problems and dynamical
A/Prof Ricardo Ruiz BaierNumerical analysis of PDEs, mixed finite element methods, modelling of multiphase flow in porous media, large solid deformations, cardiac
Prof Steven SiemsCloud physics, Boundary layer meteorology, Weather
Dr Anja SlimTheoretical, numerical, and experimental fluid dynamics, especially relevant to geology and industrial
Prof Warwick TuckerDynamical systems, Chaos theory, Computer-assisted proofs, Artificial
Dr Theodore VoGeometric singular perturbation theory; Canard theory; Dynamical systems; Spiking and bursting in excitable cells; Mixed-mode oscillations; Neuronal signalling; Early afterdepolarisations in

Research Fellows

Dr Alberto MartinScientific Computing, Partial Differential Equations, Finite Elements, High Performance Scientific
Dr Yuan SunMachine learning, combinatorial optimisation, operations research, mathematical programming,