Earth Sciences

Our Research

Solid Earth Research focuses on four research themes which covers geodynamics, structural geology and structural geophysics, pure and applied geochemistry, economic geology, hydrogeology, environmental mineralogy, volcanology and applied palaeontology (basin analysis).

Structure and Dynamics of the Earth's Crust

Simulation of Earth's Processes

Minerals Metals and Energy

Deep Earth and Planetary Science

Academic and Research Staff

Dr Laurent Ailleres: Structural Geophysics and 3D Modelling

Marion Anderson: Geochemistry of Yarra Valley Billabongs, Mineralogy and Geomorphology of Mars, Early Evolution of Life

Dr Robin Armit: Structural Geology, Structural Geophysics, Proterozoic tectonics

Professor Peter Betts: Tectonics, structural geology, structural geophysics

Professor Joel Brugger: Synchrotron Geoscience and Geochemistry

Associate Professor Fabio Capitanio: Geodynamics and Basin Analysis

Professor Ian Cartwright: Hydrochemistry, Groundwater, Surface water, Isotope tracers in Hydrogeology

Professor Peter Cawood: Origins and evolution of the Earth’s continental lithosphere, plate tectonics, structural geology, isotope geochemistry

Alok Chaudhari: Sulphide minerals, SEM FIB, XRay Diffraction

Dr Priyadarshi Chowdhury: Evolution of the Earth's Lithosphere Dynamics and Continental Crust; Petrology, Geodynamic Modelling

Professor Sandy Cruden: Experimental Tectonics and Structural Geology

Gan Duan: Hydrothermal fluids, fluid flow, rock deformation, ore formation

Dr Andrew Frierdich: Low-temperature Geochemistry and Mineralogy, Environmental Science, Sustainable ore-processing.

Dr Lachlan Grose: Structural Geology, 3D Geological modelling methods

Qiushi Guan: Thermodynamics, hydrothermal geochemistry

Dr Richard Jones: Glaciology, Geochronology, Geomorphology. Past behaviour of glaciers and ice sheets

Professor Andrew Mackintosh: Interactions between Glaciers, Ice Sheets and the Climate System

Dr Erin Martin: Tectonics, Paleogeography and Isotope Geochemistry of major changes in Earth history

Dr Felicity McCormack: Antarctica, Ice Sheet modelling and dynamics

Dr Laura Miller: Geochemistry and Experimental Petrology with a focus on Trace Element Geochemistry

Associate Professor Oliver Nebel: Geochemist, focus on High Temperature Processes

Dr Yona Nebel-Jacobsen: Lu-Hf, U-Pb, Zircons, General isotope Geochemistry and Analytical Models and Techniques

Dr Zsanett Pinter: Experimental Petrology, Geochemistry, Volatiles in the Earth's mantle, Melt-Rock Interactions

Dr Anindita Samsu: Geological fractures, basins, and structural inheritance

Dr Dan Sandiford: Earthquakes and plate tectonics

Dr Elisabeth Scobiorski: Geochronology, Petrochronology, and the evolution of the continental crust

Dr Anja Slim: Geological fluid dynamics

Associate Professor Andrew Tomkins: Economic Geology and Planetary Science

Professor Roberto Weinberg: Structural Geology, Granites and Crustal Fluid Flow

Dr Ross Whitmore: Applications of terrestrial cosmogenic nuclides to tectonic and surficial processes

Dr Yanlu Xing: Geochemistry, Thermodynamic Modelling, Hydrothermal Experiment, and Ore forming process.

Dr Xueying Yang: Isotopic geochemistry