Gender Equity and Inclusion

The School of Biological Sciences Gender Equity and Inclusion Committee was formed in September 2017 and meets monthly. The Committee's role is to monitor and establish (if needed) policies and activities to facilitate gender equity and inclusion within the School.

Committee Members

  • Dr Joslin Moore (Chair)
  • Dr Mike McDonald (Deputy Chair)
  • A/Professor Suresh Balasubramanian
  • Ms Fiona Hibbert (Professional representative)
  • Dr Kay Hodgins
  • Dr Travis Johnson
  • Professor Dustin Marshall
  • A/Professor Carla Sgro
  • Dr Tamar Sztal (Postdoc representative)

Current Focus

The Committee is currently focusing on:

  • Achieving eligibility for departmental Athena SWAN Bronze
  • Ensuring diverse role models
  • Equitable staff recruitment processes
  • Managing unconscious bias
  • Promoting an inclusive culture that encourages diversity
  • Inclusiveness training

Terms of Reference

Gender equity and inclusion is a set of actions, attitudes, and assumptions that provide, as far as possible, equal opportunities for and equal expectations of individuals, regardless of gender, race, culture or sexual identity. It affords a framework for an inclusive productive working environment in which all individuals can achieve their best and diversity is valued.

The broad aim of the Committee is to advance the representation of under-represented groups across all levels within the School and implement, as far as is possible, the principles of gender equity and inclusion. We aspire to achieve a School where the diversity of members reflects the cultural diversity of Australia overall and includes a minimum of involvement at all levels of governance and membership of the school of 40% men and 40% women.

Terms of Reference

1.  To provide a forum for promoting gender equity and inclusion issues

2. To formulate and implement a gender equity and inclusion plan for the School of Biological Sciences

3. To provide advice to the Executive Committee of the School of Biological Sciences on policy and strategy

4. To liaise with Science Gender Equity and Monash Gender Equity and Diversity committees

5. To liaise with external stakeholders to influence policy on gender equity

Contact Us

Do you have a question or concern about gender equity and inclusion in the School?  Do you have a suggestion for how challenges can be overcome? Please send us an email at:

Statement of support from Head of School

The School of Biological Sciences values everyone equally and is committed to ensuring that our School is a safe and inclusive place for all students and staff.

Should staff or students need support, please contact any of the members of the Committee (listed above), my office, or University services.

Professor Moira O'Bryan
Head of School

Publications and Articles

Workforce Diversity in Higher Education, N. Oishi