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Biological sciences is the broad term given to all the areas of study that have biology as their base subject.

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The scale of study ranges from genetics, the study of genes and the ways they control the development of plants and animals, including humans, to ecology, an area of biology dealing with the relationships of organisms to the environment and biosphere.

Biology is the study of life processes and living organisms. It is concerned with microbes, plants and animals, and involves study of their structure, function, evolution, development and ecology.

It is a science for adventurous minds since its study takes us not only back in time almost four billion years, where we examine the very foundations of life itself, but also through the present day to the future where biologists will be at the forefront of identifying and solving the growing number  of  related  issues  confronting  planet  earth.  Being  a  biological sciences student means you have the opportunity to become a highly versatile graduate.

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