Geography and Environment

Our Research

Geography and Environment focuses on two research themes which covers urban climate adaptation, climate impacts and atmosphere-biosphere interactions), fluvial geomorphology, hydrology, soil science and soil chemistry, palaeoecology, GIS and remote sensing.



Academic and Research Staff

Professor Ian Cartwright: Hydrochemistry, Groundwater, Surface water, Isotope tracers in Hydrogeology

Dr Andrew Frierdich: Low-temperature Geochemistry and Mineralogy, Environmental Science, Sustainable ore-processing

Dr Ailie Gallant: Climate Variability and Change in the Australasian and Antarctic Regions

Dr Andrew Gunn: Physical interaction between planetary sedimentary surfaces and geophysical fluids

Dr Richard Jones: Glaciology, Geochronology, Geomorphology. Past behaviour of glaciers and ice sheets

Dr Adam Kessler: Biogeochemistry

Professor Andrew Mackintosh: Interactions between Glaciers, Ice Sheets and the Climate System

Dr Felicity McCormack: Antarctica, ice sheets, dynamics and modelling

Associate Professor Shayne McGregor : Theory, Observations and Modelling, understanding climate variability and change

Dr Ariaan Purich : Southern Ocean and Antarctic atmosphere-ocean-ice interactions, Australian climate drivers.

Associate Professor Ruth Reef: Plant Biogeographer and Ecophysiologist, interested in the effects of climate change on coastal and marine ecosystems

Professor Nigel Tapper: Climate Science Micrometeorology

Associate Professor Vanessa Wong: Soil Science, Land and Water Management, Environmental Science, Coastal Wetland Soils, Soil Biogeochemistry

Dr Xuan Zhu: GIS and Environmental Management