Water, soils and vegetation

Research in this group deals broadly with important environments and environmental processes in what is often termed the 'critical zone'. This zone includes all of the surface and near-surface features, including the lower atmosphere, vegetation, soils and porewater, sediments, regolith, rivers and  groundwater. This research group addresses climatic and hydrologic variability and change, ecohydrologic processes, the interactions between surface water and groundwater, and processes affecting groundwater recharge, soils and their links to landscape changes and biogeochemical processes, and the impacts  of climatic change on vegetation and ecosystems as a whole.

Research Team

Assoc Prof David Dunkerley
Geomorphic and hydrologic processes in Australian dryland environments

Prof Ian Cartwright
Application of geochemical tracers to understand processes in groundwater and surface water systems.

Assoc Prof Vanessa Wong
Land and water management impacts, soil biogeochemical processes, soil-water interactions

Dr Ailie Gallant
Characterising hydrologic variability in Australia, pre-instrumental reconstructions of streamflow