First-year and support studies

The School of Mathematics offers a variety of units at first-year level to students in science and other courses. A full list of these units is provided at List of units offered in the left-hand menu, but the advice both below and under Planning minors and majors should assist students in selecting the appropriate units.

Which level-one units should you take?

The level-one mathematics and statistics units recommended to prospective students depend on two factors:

  • The course chosen (for example, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Software Engineering, Bachelor of Engineering or a double degree with Bachelor of Science, such as BA/BSc or BSc/BE);
  • Their level of preparation in mathematics, for example as part of their VCE studies.

Coordinators and advisers

Individual advice on the choice of units can be obtained from academic staff in the School. Refer to the list of teaching coordinators on the School Management and Administration link in the left-hand menu, or email us at