Potential honours projects and supervisors


Dr. Laurent Ailleres

Structural Geophysics & 3D Modelling

Prof. Julie Arblaster

Climate extremes, decadal variability and the role of the Antarctic ozone hole in shifting storm tracks.

Prof Michael Asten

Field geophysics, seismic methods, regolith studies, engineering geophysics

Dr Robin Armit

Structural Geology, Structural Geophysics, Proterozoic tectonics

Prof. Peter Betts

Tectonics, structural geology, structural geophysics

Mr. Barrie Bolton

Environmental geochemistry and Economic geology

Prof. Joel Brugger

Synchrotron Geoscience & Geochemistry

Dr. Fabio Capitanio

Geodynamics and Basin Analysis

Prof. Ian Cartwright

Hydrochemistry, groundwater, Surface water, Isotope tracers in Hydrogeology

Prof. Ray Cas

Physical Volcanology.

Prof. Sandy Cruden

Experimental Tectonics and Structural Geology

A/Prof. Dietmar Dommenget

Climate science; Tropical Meteorology

A/Prof. David Dunkerley

Geomorphology and Ecohydrology

Dr. Andrew Frierdich

Low-temperature Geochemistry and Mineralogy, Environmental Science, Sustainable ore-processing

Dr. Aillie Gallant

Drought and climate/climate change, rainfall and climate/climate change and climate science communications

Dr. Lachlan Grose 

Enabling 3D Stochastic Geological Modelling

Prof. Christian Jacob

Effects of tropical convection on Australia's climate - how clouds affect weather.

Dr. Richard Jones

Glaciology, geomorphology, past climate change.

Prof. Reid Keays

Economic geology and lithogeochemistry

Dr. Adam Kessler

Biogeochemistry, or how nutrients such as carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and iron interact with the environment

Dr. Felicity McCormack

Ice sheet modeller, ice dynamics, Antarctica, and understanding climate variability and change

Dr. Shayne McGregor

Theory, Observations and Modelling, understanding climate variability and change

A/Prof. Oliver Nebel

Geochemist, focus on high temperature processes.

Dr. Yona Nebel-Jacobson

Lu-Hf, U-Pb, zircons, general isotope geochemistry/analytical methods and techniques

Dr. Caroline Poulsen

Satellite retrievals of cloud properties, aerosols, surface temperature and radiative fluxes, passive visible- IR polar and geostationary satellite instruments

Prof. Michael Reeder

Dynamical and Tropical Meteorology/Numerical modelling

Dr. Ruth Reef

Plant biogeographer and ecophysiologist, interested in the effects of climate change on coastal and marine ecosystems

Prof. Steven Siems

Climate science, Micrometeorology and Numerical modelling

Dr. Martin Singh

Tropical climate and climate change, convection

Dr. Anja Slim

Fluid dynamical problems in geosciences and in industry.

A/Prof. Jeff Stilwell

Systematic and Applied Palaeontology.

Prof. Nigel Tapper

Climate Science Micrometeorology

A/Prof. Andy Tomkins

Economic Geology & Planetary Science

Prof. Roberto Weinberg

Structural Geology, Granites & Crustal Fluid Flow

Prof. Chris Wilson

Structural geology, Tectonics, gold deposits, Glaciology, Microstructure and Numerical modeling

Dr Bethan White

Deep convection, convective cloud processes and microphysics, extreme rainfall, numerical modelling (esp. cloud-resolving modelling)

A/Prof. Vanessa Wong

Soil Science, Land and Water Management, Environmental Science, Coastal Wetland Soils, Soil Biogeochemistry

Dr. Xuan Zhu

GIS and Environmental Management