Dr. Lachlan Grose

3D geological modelling using Loop Structural and map2loop: assessing interpolator uncertainties

Supervisor: Lachlan Grose and Laurent Ailleres
Field of Study:
Support Offered: Lab/Computer based project. Required software will be provided.
Collaborating Organisation:  Loop

This project will use investigate how 3D uncertainty propagates through 3D geological models using different interpolation algorithms. The uncertainty in geological observations can be simulated by “shaking” the data set. For every unique data set that is generated a 3D model can be generated, the variability between these 3D geological models can be used as a proxy for geological uncertainty. Every geological model will then be built using different interpolation algorithms implemented in the open source 3D modelling library, LoopStructural . A case study area will be generated from regional geological maps using the data pre-processing module (map2loop). Project can be modified to suit students interests.

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