The coursework topics are taken in semester 1 of each of the two years of the Masters course (semester 2 being reserved for work on the research project). Each semester runs for 12 weeks In semester 1, the coursework is broken up into two six week blocks.

You will need to select three topics from each of the six week blocks. The available options are given in the sections below.

You must discuss your topic selections with your potential research project supervisors because your topic choices must support your research project. Your supervisor, and the School's Masters Coordinator, must approve your final topic selection.

If you are studying Physics most of your topic choices must come from the Physics options, and if you are studying Astrophysics most must come from the Astrophysics area. However, as described in the options, you may choose a limited number of topics from the other list.

In some circumstances topics may be chosen from those offered by another School (such as the School of Mathematics) - for details, refer to the information provided by those Schools. Permission to take topics outside of the School of Physics and Astronomy must be sought from the School's Masters Coordinator.



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