About us

We live in the Century of Biology. Many of the challenges that we will have to overcome as a society have to do with the stresses we are placing on the living resources and ecosystems on which we rely. Much of our advantage will come from a deeper understanding of biology gained from rapid developments in informatics and technology.

Biology student

The School of Biological Sciences plays a leading role in this Century of Biology. Our strengths lie across the fields of genomics, informatics, emerging infectious diseases, ecology and conservation biology. And we excel in the integration of these under our strategy entitled 'Adaptation and change in emerging environments'. These strengths are underpinned by researchers who not only are global leaders in their fields, but are also re-investing their knowledge through exceptional student training at undergraduate and graduate levels.

Our teaching laboratories are among the best equipped of any tertiary institution globally. They provide interactive microscopy, computing, and image analysis which in turn enable peer-to-peer learning, real-time online integration of student findings and instructor feedback, and life-long educational impact. We have likewise invested substantially in our field program. We run enquiry-based field training in South-East Asia, Queensland and locally in the Melbourne area, including extensive use of the Jock Marshall Reserve on campus. Innovative use of new sensor and smart computing technologies enable us to integrate field results with laboratory assessments, and to marry these with national and international activities such as the Atlas of Living Australia and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility.

The School has a truly international set of research and education activities. We are home to students from Australia, Asia, Europe, North America and more. Our students have also taken opportunities to work in many of these areas and at our campuses around the globe. On graduation our students find a wide range of careers, in research, industry, government and non-governmental organisations, and we recognise across all of our degree offerings that our graduates play a variety of significant roles in society, from research excellence to leadership in the growing business of modern biology.