School of Biological Sciences Three Minute Thesis (3MT)

The Three Minute Thesis (3MT) was founded by the University of Queensland in 2008.

Each year students from the School of Biological Sciences compete in the 3MT (School Heat). The winner goes into the Faculty of Science Heat, and the winner of the Faculty Heat goes into the Monash University finals.


Marion Bichet: The secret interaction between Bacteriophages and Human Cells.

Tara-Lyn Camilleri-Carter: Understanding the effects of parental diets. *School Heat - People's Choice Award. Faculty Heat - Runner-Up.

Fernando Gordillo Altamirano: Phage Therapy: Fighting Superbugs. *School Heat - Winner. Faculty Heat - Winner.


Tom Fisher: The Auxin Must Flow: PIN-pointing the mechanism of a developmental Superpower. *School Heat - Runner-Up. Faculty Heat - Winner. University Heat - Finalist.

Christopher Gatto: The role of nest moisture during incubation on sea turtle hatchlings.

Jake Martin: Fish on antidepressants. *School Heat - Winner.

Fran Scheelings: The microbiota of sea turtles.


Ansa Cobham:  Brainy ways to study shape and size.

Avinash Gaikwad: Whiplash: the science of sperm motility. *School Heat - Winner. Faculty Heat - Winner, and People's Choice Award. University Heat - Finalist.

Zahra Islam: Living on thin air: understanding how bacteria can live on atmospheric gases. *School Heat - Runner-Up. Faculty Heat - Finalist.