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Maths is the language of science and forms the basis of most of modern science and engineering.

  • In physics, mathematics describes our understanding of matter, from the smallest scales of atoms and subatomic particles, to the structure of the universe.
  • In engineering, the language of mathematics is used to understand fields as diverse as the aerodynamics of flight, the destructive power of waves, and the design of telecommunication networks.
  • In the biological sciences, the growth of populations, be they rabbits or viruses, and the sequencing of the human genome are investigated using mathematics.
  • In finance, trading on stock exchanges and economic modelling are reliant on mathematics.

Mathematics can also be studied for its own sake, with the bonus that many results in pure mathematics find important applications years after their initial discovery.

Mathematics areas of study

The School of Mathematics offers a variety of units and major sequences designed to meet the diverse needs of students at Monash.

The School offers mathematics units at all undergraduate levels. These are offered across a wide range of areas of modern mathematics, from mathematical methods to statistics to pure mathematics, as well as demonstrating the utility of mathematics across a variety of applications.

Majors and/or extended majors are offered in each of the following areas:

Minors are also offered in mathematics and statistics.

Details of the individual mathematics units are provided in the Monash University Undergraduate Handbook.

You can take a mathematics major at Monash in the following courses:

A major in mathematics can also be taken as part of a double degree.

Careers in mathematical sciences

Are you thinking about a career in mathematics? You might be surprised to learn that your job prospects can be significantly enhanced with a good training in mathematics. Find out more about careers in mathematical sciences.

Further information

Enquiries: sci-maths-enquiries@monash.edu