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Professor John C Warner

Green chemistry founder appointed distinguished professor at Monash

Eminent American chemist Professor John C Warner has been appointed distinguished professor at the Monash School of Chemistry.


New device that can rapidly diagnose disease could save lives

Professor Bayden Wood, Co-Director Monash Centre for Biospectroscopy

Scientists have developed a new device that can rapidly screen the blood in just minutes to detect a range of pathogens that cause disease, in a breakthrough that could fast-track the way disease or infection is diagnosed and treated.

Chemistry 14 January 2019

Monash chemist wins prestigious educator of the year award

A Monash chemist with a passion for chemistry in the classroom has been awarded the prestigious Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) Educator of the Year Award.


Medicated rivers and waterways, a risk for stream animals, study finds

A world-first international study led by a Monash scientist has found that six streams in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs contain a cocktail of pharmaceuticals, which may put platypuses and other aquatic animals at risk as they could consume more than 60 pharmaceuticals compounds, including antidepressants, at disturbing levels.

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Discovery by Monash and Toyota scientists could make batteries better

Work by Monash University chemists and materials scientists at Toyota Research Institute of North America (TRINA) on developing non-volatile, non-flammable and electrochemically stable electrolytes, based on liquid salts, could be applied to batteries. The discovery of the new application is outlined in a study published in the leading international journal, Energy and Environmental Science.

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