About us

Chemistry is fundamental to life itself. Whether it's the quality of air we breathe, the water we drink, the energy we use or the food we consume, chemistry is essential when it comes to meeting our basic needs.

From the chlorination and fluoridisation of water to finding sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels, developments in chemical technologies strive continuously to improve quality of life, providing real solutions to issues in areas such as energy usage, medicine and materials. The chemical and plastics industry that we are a part of has been shown to impact across 109 of Australia's 111 industries.* That's massive.

This is why Chemistry is such an important and relevant area to study; and one that leads to fulfilling careers across a whole spectrum of industries. Chemistry is part of the 2nd largest manufacturing sector that employs more than 60,000 people in highly skilled jobs. As such, it is central to the country's societal, environmental and economic well-being.

Study Chemistry at Monash and you will join a vibrant, dynamic School with an enviable reputation for its programs, placing the School in the top 0.5% of chemistry departments world-wide. With a strong research emphasis on sustainable chemistry and strengths in materials, synthetic, analytical and green chemistry, our scientists are at the forefront of their specialist fields. This means that as a student, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, you will benefit from exceptional teaching and training and a stimulating learning environment that is underpinned by a research-led teaching approach.

Our position as world leaders in sustainable chemistry can be seen with the newly opened Green Chemical Futures (GCF) building - a high-tech and engaging environment in which students, academics and industry professionals teach, learn and collaborate to make the world a better place. All our undergraduate labs, tutorial and informal study spaces are located in this $100+ million investment in the chemical sciences. 


Chemistry offers lively and innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Our new learning spaces in the GCF building encourage active learning and creative problem solving in smaller groups. Our labs are some of the best equipped in Australia, with a suite of new instruments supplied by our industry partners.  Students develop not only a deep understanding of chemistry but also gain valuable broader skills in areas such as teamwork and leadership; critical when it comes to entering the world of work.  Having some of the best educators in the chemical sciences means your experience will be an enriching one. 


Our emphasis is on excellence and relevance.  Our research is guided by three main themes:

  • Understanding the world around us
  • Preparing for the future
  • Lighting up our life

Our researchers are world class. No pretences. They work at the boundaries of chemistry with other sciences and technologies - the places where the world's greatest challenges lie. We are highly collaborative and enabling. 

We are home to the Victorian Centre for Sustainable Chemical Manufacturing and have recently launched the Chemicals and Plastics Innovation Network and Training Program to facilitate exchange between industry, Government and academia. Additionally, we are home to a node of the  Australian Centre for Electromaterials Science.

*Plastics and Chemicals Industry Roadmap 2014