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The majors you can complete in the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment are:


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    Our Get started website steps you through the whole enrolment process. In doing this, it steps you through everything you need to do in WES and provides screenshots to make it clear.  Once you’ve enrolled, you might decide to add or withdraw from a unit. You can use WES to do this for most units.
    All your subject-based learning will be online in the system.


Credit for prior learning

If you have successfully completed study at another tertiary institution prior to commencing your Monash course you may be eligible to apply for credit towards your Science course. Credit for prior learning can reduce the time required to complete your Monash course and ensure your previous learning is not duplicated. The study you have done will be assessed to establish that it is:

  • equal in content and standard to units offered at Monash, and
  • relevant to your planned course of study.

Credit may be given for all units for which equivalence of learning is established but you will still be required to complete and pass at least 48 credit points to be awarded your Monash degree subject to the Faculty limits on credit policy.

You can use the online credit search to see some outcomes of previous credit applications at Monash. Please note that the system is a guide only.

How do I apply

Academic integrity and plagiarism

As a Monash student, you’ve joined a community that upholds integrity in all of its academic endeavours, and you’ve made a personal commitment to studying with academic integrity. This means that, whenever you work on an assignment or submit an assessment, you do so honestly, fairly, respectfully and responsibly.

Understand that plagiarism, collusion and cheating bring serious consequences. Not only while you’re at Monash, but well beyond. Such misconduct could harm you personally and professionally for the rest of your life.

Special Consideration

If you couldn’t – or can’t – complete an assessment when required, your options will depend on the assessment type, and your exceptional circumstances.

Academic Awards

Each yeah the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment holds an Academic Awards evening to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Students can be nominated by the unit coordinators for the following awards:

  • Outstanding Achievement Award: First Year Dux
  • Outstanding Achievement Award: Second Year Dux
  • Outstanding Achievement Award: Third Year Dux
  • Academic Excellence Award for the highest ranking student: Atmospheric Science
  • Academic Excellence Award for the highest ranking student: Earth Science
  • Academic Excellence Award for the highest ranking student: Geographical Science
  • Head of School Award awarded for the highest ranking Honours student
  • Head of School Commendation for Doctoral Thesis Excellence

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