Honours in Biological Sciences

The Honours year provides an opportunity for highly achieving students to participate in the research of the School of Biological Sciences during a fourth year of undergraduate study. The Honours program involves the completion of a research project (BIO4100) and advanced coursework (BIO4200). The areas of study encompassed in Biology Honours are:

Honours students work on a research project in collaboration with one or more supervisors from the School's staff. Our research effort spans all levels of genetics and biological organisation, from molecules to ecosystems. Projects within the School regularly attract financial support from the Australian Research Council, government agencies, and industry. Our findings, including the results of many honours projects, are reported in some of the world's leading scientific journals.

2019 Honours

Information Session

The Information Session for 2019 (S1 and mid-year start) was held on Monday 27 August 2018. Use this link to access a recording of the session.

Honours Projects

A comprehensive guide to the host supervisors and their research interests can be downloaded here:

2019 Honours Projects (Pdf)

How to Apply

All practical information on how to apply is here.

Interested in applying? Follow Steps 1-6 listed here: Questions and Answers about Honours.

Start Dates

  • Semester 1 start: Monday 18 February 2019
  • Semester 2 start: Monday 15 July 2019


Biology Honours Coordinator (BIO4100 - Research Project)
Dr Chris Greening
E: sci-biohonours.coordinator@monash.edu

Biology Honours Deputy (BIO4200 - Advanced Coursework)
Dr Chris Johnstone
E: christopher.johnstone@monash.edu

Biology Honours Technical Co-ordinator
Kate Elliott
E: Kate.Elliott@monash.edu