To enrol in Masters you need to choose a research project in consultation with an academic from the School of Physics & Astronomy. We provide you with several resources to help you with this choice:

  • In the Research Areas section, you can find a list of researchers and their areas of interest.
  • In the Example Projects section you can find a list of projects you might tackle. You can sort, or filter, these projects by "Academic" and "Research Area" (note: the sort and filter functionality is temporarily unavailable).
  • In the Past Projects section (to be added shortly) you can find details of previous Masters projects.

You need to contact the academic(s) related to the area(s) of interest in which you wish to pursue a research project and discuss possible projects with them. You can start a conversation about possible projects by emailing the relevant academic(s).

Please note:

  • You can contact an academic about a possible project, even if they do not have any example projects listed.
  • Even if you are interested in pursuing research similar to one of the example projects, you still need to contact your potential supervisor to discuss the details with them.
  • Potential projects, and academics' research interests, are not limited to the example projects listed.
  • Many academics are listed under more than one Research Area.

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