Postgraduate Students

Ademolawa John Afelumo

Nasim Tahereh Alinejadtabrizi
Precipitation in shallow convection over the Southern Ocean

Sarah Alkemade
Subduction zone, metasomatism, mantle, peridotites, critical metals, Platinum-Group Elements, sulfide, IOCG, proterozoic, tectonics, isotopes, geochemistry

Fernanda Alvarado Neves
3D geological modelling of intrusions

Fatemeh Amirpoorsaeed
Geophysics, structural geology, tectonics, geostatistics and mineral exploration in North Australia
Impact of craton margin geometries on crustal deformation using potential field, seismic, and analogue modelling

Arathy Aneeshkumar Kurup
Biases in the retrieval of cloud properties over the Southern Ocean.

Kaitlin Maree Baggott
The microenvironment of rare earth element-bearing minerals

Lawrence Bird
Sub-glacial hydrology and ocean interactions, and their implications for East Antarctic ice shelf melt.

Carl (Philip) Blaeckberg
Tropical precipitation extremes and large scale convective aggregation under global warming

Annabel Bowden
Morphology and characteristics of extreme rainfall events in Australia, severe thunderstorms

Tahnee Burke
Modeling the formation of the crust of Mars using Martian Meteorites

Peter Chou
Image processing,  object detection and classification with LiDAR and imagery

Chibuzo Chukwu
Geophysics, Structural Geology, Drone Survey, Machine Learning and Tectonics for Understanding Divergent Triple Junction Evolution

Alexandra Kate Churchus

Andrew Coward

Lucas de Abreu Barbosa Arauju
Petrochronology and Crustal Evolution of a magma mixing-dominated magmatic arc at Puna, NW Argentina

Pengsheng Dong
Late Cretaceous magmatism in the eastern Gangdese arc, Tibet.

Michael Fenwick

Pia Freisen
Atmospheric circulation, tropical-extratropical interaction, subtropical jet, SAM, climate modelling, model bias, model nudging, Unified Model

Manisha Gupta
CTectono-metamorphic evolution of the Higher Himalayan Crystallines in the NW Himalaya (India)

Benjamin Hague
Coastal sea level extremes, coastal inundation

Warsini Handayani
Geospatial modeling, potential hydrogen production in Australia, technical and economic, GIS and remote sensing

Matthew Russel Heislers
The dynamics of rapid southward displacements of the Australian monsoon

Cameron Henderson
Extreme heatwaves

Bin Hu
Hydrothermal fluids, Deposit ore-forming process, and machine learning techniques.

Qinuo Huang
Australian heatwaves, boundary layer dynamics

Chenhui Jin
Synoptic dynamics of rainfall-producing systems and their roles in developing droughts in Australia

Guillermo Arturo Ortiz Joya
Magma mixing in shallow plutonic systems by petrological and geochemical observations

Leslie Kresfield
A biostatistical and morphological analysis of the Ediacaran organisms Nemiana and Ernietta, and the reflective seafloor stratigraphy.

Ella Lausberg
Biogeochemical cycling and critical metals in mine waste tailings

Jia Ping Liao
Origin and petrogenesis of East Sulawesi Ophiolite, geochemical modelling, accretionary crust evolution

Franciscus Paul August Liqui Lung
Atmospheric science, Coastal cloud formation, Sea breeze, Large eddy simulation.

Jessica Macha
Paleo atmospheric circulation in Southern high latitude regions and implications on Antarctic Ice Sheet mass

Sarthak Mohanty
Column integrated moist static energy, precipitation and circulation patterns

Rory McNab
Orogenic gold deposits, gold mobilisation and deposition, quartz recrystallisation, geochemistry

Yunxi Meng

Jacinda Amy O'Connor
Relative sea level and ice mass change in East Antarctica throughout the Holocene

Maria Paulsen
Palaeoenvironment, paleoclimate, amber, terrestrial sub-polar greenhouse ecosystems, early Eocene climate optimum (EECO), fossils, Sedimentology.

Corey Jay Port
Understanding the dynamics and behaviour of the Denman Glacier across the Holocene using cosmogenic nuclides

Gokul Prasad
Groundwater Hydrology, Isotope hydrology, Groundwater modeling, GIS and Remote sensing.

Priyamvada Priya
The dynamics of the El-Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) diversity, the impact of large-scale circulation in a changing environment, and climate dynamics

Lara Richards
Understanding the development of cloud cover over the Great Barrier Reef

Cari Rand
Cosmogenic nuclides to examine the deglaciation of East Antarctica

Corey Robinson
Atmospheric dynamics, tropical-extratropical interactions, transient waves

Daniel Robbins
The affects of clouds and aerosols in climate change

Angus Rogers
Primitive mantle geochemistry and evolution of the Earth's atmosphere

Mareike Rosemann
Role of gangue in heap and in-situ leaching, chalcopyrite leaching, Si-gelling.

Belinda Roux
Physical processes of fog development at Perth Airport

Raina Roy
Antarctic Polar Vortex Variability and its associated surface impacts.

Dominic Saunderson
Cryosphere-Climate Interactions, Glaciology, Meltwater, Antarctica

Neetu Singh
Hydrology,  Hydrogeology, Surface water-Groundwater interaction, Hydrological and hydraulic modeling, Hydrologic statistics

Lachlan Sutherland
Australian Amber Palaeontology, Fossil Preparation, and advanced micro-photography.

Arnold Sullivan
ENSO, CSIRO ACCESS climate model, Nonlinear, Non-Stationary Time Series Analysis & Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition

Isaac Tan
Monsoon cold surges, Maritime Continent deep convection, climate change prediction

Julie Tan
Carbon sequestration of acid sulphate soils in coastal wetlands

Sarah Bethany Tinsley
Toxic Element Availability in Legacy Gold Mine Soils

Maille Imogen Todd
The application of in-situ soil sensor technology to improve spatiotemporal soil data collection

Thuong V. Tran
Drought, Salinity, Mangrove Forest, Climate Change, Land Use Land Cover, Spectral Indices, Environmental Indicator, Spatial Analysis, and Spectral Remote Sensing and GIS Applications

Eric Vandenburg
Geochemistry, radiogenic and stable isotopes, Archean mantle evolution and reservoirs, delamination, komatiites, basalts, TTG

Charlys Vaz De Sant Anna Neves
Deformation-fluid relationship in Archean IOCG deposits. Structural geology, mineral chemistry, and in-situ dating methods

Gokul Venu Sreenbindu
The Structure, Rheology and Tectonic Evolution of the lithosphere in the Northeast Indian Ocean.

Meng Wang

Alexandra Wilson
Sedimentology, palaeoenvironment, palaeoclimate, amber, Tasmania, palaeontology, Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, PETM, fossils

Emma Young
Characteristics and behaviour of particle-associated radioactivity in contaminated soils at Maralinga, Emu Field and the Montebello Islands

David Yanyi-Akofur