Postgraduate Students

Luis Ackermann
Dynamical and microphysical mechanisms and their affects on the Tasmanian and Snowy Mountain terrains

Mustapha Adamu
Characteristics of seasonal-scale drought in climate models

Nasim Tahereh Alinejadtabrizi
Precipitation in shallow convection over the Southern Ocean

Sarah Alkemade
Subduction zone, metasomatism, mantle, peridotites, critical metals, Platinum-Group Elements, sulfide, IOCG, proterozoic, tectonics, isotopes, geochemistry

Fernanda Alvarado Neves
3D geological modelling of intrusions

Fatemeh Amirpoorsaeed
Geophysics, structural geology, tectonics, geostatistics and mineral exploration in North Australia

Lucas de Abreu Barbosa Arauju

Shovon Barua
Groundwater recharge in a semi-arid area, sources and transit times of water contributing intermittent streamflow

Suma Bhanu Battula

Martin Beilharz

Annabel Bowden
Morphology and characteristics of extreme rainfall events in Australia, severe thunderstorms

Tahnee Burke
Modeling the formation of the crust of Mars using Martian Meteorites

Rabii Charaani
Structural and metamorphic geology, 3D modelling, polydeformed terranes

Peter Chou
Image processing,  object detection and classification with LiDAR and imagery

Chibuzo Chukwu

Andrew Coward

Gan Duan
Hydrothermal fluids, fluid flow, rock deformation, ore formation

Chen-Shou Fan
Tropical Circulation, Moist Static Energy (MSE) and Simple Climate Model Development

Michael Fenwick

Pia Freisen
Atmospheric circulation, tropical-extratropical interaction, subtropical jet, SAM, climate modelling, model bias, model nudging, Unified Model

Andrew Giles
Sedimentology and structural geology of the Hikurangi accretionary system, North Island, New Zealand

Zoe Gillet

Thyagarajulu Gollapalli

Juan Carlos Graciosa

Quishi Guan
Speciation and thermodynamics, hydrothermal geochemistry, ab initio MD simulation

Prasana Gunawardana
Numerical geodynamic modelling of internal processes of the Earth

Benjamin Hague
Coastal sea level extremes, coastal inundation

Jonathan Hamisi

Qinuo Huang
Australian heatwaves, boundary layer dynamics

Cameron Henderson
Extreme heatwaves

Chenhui Jin
Synoptic dynamics of rainfall-producing systems and their roles in developing droughts in Australia

Alexander Kalintsev

Hany Khalil
The genesis and tectonic evolution of divergent triple Junctions using analogue and numerical models

Ben Knight
Representation of large-scale geological conditions in numerical models

Jonas Kopping
Magma Emplacement and Migration, 3D Intrusion Structure, Finger Instabilities, Seismic Reflection Data, Magnetic Rock Fabrics

Leslie Kresfield

Joel Kumwenda
Linking basement faults, first-order basin architecture and mineral systems in North Australian Craton

Sreenidhi Kuruvamana Satheeshbabu

Amrei Ladwig
Evolution of the Continental crust, Archean Eon, Rare Earth Elements (REE), Molybdenum and Strontium Isotopes

Ella Lausberg
Biogeochemical cycling and critical metals in mine waste tailings

Tom Lemaitre

Sike Lydia Li

Jia Ping Liao
Origin and petrogenesis of East Sulawesi Ophiolite, geochemical modelling, accretionary crust evolution

Hoseong Lim
Quantitative geochemical modelling and petrogenesis of Archean TTG

Jessica Macha
Paleo atmospheric circulation in Southern high latitude regions and implications on Antarctic Ice Sheet mass

Davide Marchegiani
Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management, Climate Modelling, Simple Climate Model Development, Unified Model

Marycarmen Martinez Diaz
Biogeography and impact of climate change on the spatial distribution of coastal wetlands

Rosanna McKay

Afiq MD Ali
Strike-slip tectonics, basin structures, analogue modelling, Cenozoic geology

Owen Missen
Geochemistry of tellurium in surface environments

Sarthak Mohanty
Column0integrated moist static energy, precipitation and circulation patterns

Zuhair Mohd
Seismotectonics, Geodynamics, Seismicity, Geophysics, Plate Tectonics

Anarul Mondol
GIS and Remote sensing applications in the study of rainfall, drought and agriculture

Rajashree Naha
The predictability of episodic wind around the equatorial region

Sramana Neogi
Projections of tropical precipitation

Uchitha Nissanka
Analogue modelling of elongated / tabular magma intrusions and magma emplacement mechanisms

Alanis Olesch-Bryne
Metamorphic and Structural geology, Rare Earth Element (REE) Transport/Deposits, Metasomatism, Critical metals, IOCG, Geochemistry, Subduction Channels

Matthew Peck
Microclimate, Biogeography, Saltmarsh Dynamics

Cari Rand
Cosmogenic-exposure dating, radiocarbon, geochronology, subglacial erosion, and ice-sheet histories

Matthias Retsch
Deep atmospheric convection and its representation in numerical models

Daniel Robbins
The affects of clouds and aerosols in climate change

Angela Rodrigues
Machine and Deep Learning, hyperspectral data, porphyry copper deposits, geochemistry

Angus Rogers
Primitive mantle geochemistry and evolution of the Earth's atmosphere

Belinda Roux

Susan Rule

Saskia Ruttor
Geochemistry, radiogenic and stable isotopes, mantle plumes, melting processes, pyroxenite, peridotite

Emmanuel Sarbeng
Tropical thunderstorms, global warming, CRM, Global climate models

Dominic Saunderson
Cryosphere-Climate Interactions, Glaciology, Meltwater, Antarctica

Sabrina Sayers
Analysis of temperate mangrove geomorphology from UAV derived vegetation structure

Scarlett Southall
Atom exchange mechanisms of iron (hydr)oxide minerals and applications of metal mobility via catalytic recrystallisation

Jacob Strong
Structural geology, Orogenic gold, deformation

Arnold Sullivan
ENSO, CSIRO ACCESS climate model, Nonlinear, Non-Stationary Time Series Analysis & Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition

Isaac Tan
Monsoon cold surges, Maritime Continent deep convection, climate change prediction

Sarah Tinsley
Potentially Toxic Elements, Mine Waste, Contaminated Soils

Sonny Truong

Eric Vandenburg
Geochemistry, radiogenic and stable isotopes, Archean mantle evolution and reservoirs, delamination, komatiites, basalts, TTG

Gokul Venu Sreenbindu

Bruno Viera Ribeiro
Tectonic evolution of Paleoproterozoic Supercontinents based on geochronology, structural geology and metamorphic modelling

Alexandra Wilson
Sedimentology, palaeoenvironment, palaeoclimate, amber, Tasmania, palaeontology, Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, PETM, fossils

Megan Withers
My research involves using analogue modelling to investigate the formation of complex fault networks at the termination of the Earth's major transform faults.

Zhiang Xie
Ice Age simulation and development of ice sheet schemes, land-air-sea interaction, geophysical fluid dynamics

Sophia Chang Xu
Soil-water interactions and the mechanisms of soil biogeochemistry, coastal wetlands, acid-sulphate soils

Dawn Dongxia Yang
Storm track variations over mid-latitude oceans

Giri Yellalacheruvu
Supercontinental reconstructions, Proterozoic terranes, geophysics

Emma Young

Wenhui Zhao
Cloud climatology of the Great Barrier Reef

Zibo Zhou
The application of environmental isotopes in understanding of process in river catchments

Yousef Zoleikhaei
Tectonics and sedimentation in the Palaeozoic era