The School of Biological Sciences is dedicated to excellence in teaching. Our graduates are bold, enterprising, and eager to engage in an internationalised world. They are our future leaders, who will embrace a wide range of careers spanning research, industry, government and non-governmental organisations, and contribute to solving the global challenges facing human and environmental health.

We are home to students from all over the world. We offer world-class teaching laboratories, facilities and field trips, combining state-of-the-art teaching technologies with an exceptionally gifted group of educators to produce a truly first class, international education. We instill in our students a passion for science, and we equip them with transferrable skills that will allow them to excel in their future careers.

BIO3820 Field Trip to Borneo. Image: Mr Bruce Weir.Counting Seabirds. Image: Dr Rohan Clarke.
Research. Image: Professor Steven Chown.BIO3820 Field Trip to Borneo. Image: Mr Bruce Weir.