Atmosphere and Climate

Our Research

Atmosphere and Climate focuses on three research themes, which covers boundary layers, climate change, clouds, convection, aerosols (including cloud seeding), mesoscale meteorology, numerical modelling, tropical meteorology, and bushfires and fire weather.

Monash University is also part of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes as well as The ARC Centre of Excellence for the Weather of the 21st Century.

Weather and Climate


Academic and Research Staff

Professor Julie Arblaster: Climate extremes, decadal variability and the role of the Antarctic ozone hole in shifting storm tracks

Associate Professor Dietmar Dommenget: Climate science and Tropical Meteorology

Dr Ailie Gallant: Climate Variability and Change in the Australasian and Antarctic Regions

Professor Christian Jakob: Effects of tropical convection on Australia's climate - how clouds affect weather

Dr Richard Jones: Glaciology, Geochronology, Geomorphology. Past behaviour of glaciers and ice sheets

Professor Andrew Mackintosh: Interactions between Glaciers, Ice Sheets and the Climate System

Dr Felicity McCormack: Antarctica, Ice Sheet modelling and dynamics

Associate Professor Shayne McGregor: Theory, Observations and Modelling, understanding climate variability and change

Professor Neville Nicholls: Nature, Causes and Predictability of Climate and Weather Variations

Dr Tess Parker: Extreme weather, Rossby Waves, Atmospheric blocking and Geophysical fluid dynamics

Dr Andrew Prata:  Earth observations, Clouds and precipitation processes, Volcano-atmosphere interactions

Dr Ariaan Purich : Southern Ocean and Antarctic atmosphere-ocean-ice interactions, Australian climate drivers.

Professor Michael Reeder: Dynamical and Tropical Meteorology / Numerical modelling

Associate Professor Ruth Reef: Plant Biogeographer and Ecophysiologist, interested in the effects of climate change on coastal and marine ecosystems

Professor Steven Siems: Climate science, Micrometeorology and Numerical modelling

Dr Martin Singh: Tropical climate and climate change, Convection

Professor Nigel Tapper: Climate Science Micrometeorology

Dr Peter van Rensch: Climate variability, Rainfall, ENSO, Climate change