Weather and climate modelling

The Monash weather and climate modelling group works on the development and assessment of weather and climate models.

Research Team

Christian Jakob

Cloud representation in numerical models.
9905 4461

Steven Siems

Cloud microphysics, boundary layer meteorology.
9905 4406       

Michael Reeder

Modelling tropical convection.
9905 4464       

Julie Arblaster

Coupled climate modelling, multimodel intercomparisons, representation of extremes in climate models, Antarctic ozone changes and climate, future climate change.
9905 4411

Dietmar Dommenget

Large-scale Climate Dynamics, Climate Modelling, El Nino, Modes of Variability, Climate Change.
9905 4495

Shayne McGregor

Reassessing the stochastic nature of El Nino event initiation and predictability, Pacific decadal variability, Interbasin connectivity.
9902 0423

Dr Martin Singh

Modelling of the large-scale atmospheric circulation and monsoons.
9902 0421