The Honours program represents the transition between undergraduate teachings to research-based learning. It is an ideal transition to a research career and represents the prerequisite qualification for a professional career.

The Earth, Atmosphere & Environment (EAE) based Honours program is diverse and covers all major sub disciplines taught by the School. Our Honours graduates are sought after by industry and government agencies and many continue to Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) studies to build research careers.

  • EAE4100: Earth, Atmosphere & Environment (EAE): Research Project  (24 points)
  • EAE4200: Earth, Atmosphere & Environment (EAE): Honours Coursework (24 points)
  • ATMHONS: Final Honours Atmospheric Science
  • ESCHONS: Final Honours Earth Science
  • GESHONS: Final Honours Geographical Science


Victorian Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences (VIEPS)

Several short courses taught by members of staff from Monash and affiliated universities are aimed at broadening and extending your undergraduate knowledge, as well as illustrating the integration and common principles that apply to many parts of the geosciences.

Students must enrol online for the VIEPS courses as soon as they become available