Our majors


Our majors

We offer a wide range of majors across five broad areas:

Biological and life sciences

"My favourite aspect of studying science is the fact that there is just no end to it. Everything I had learned so far is as intriguing as when I first heard of science."
- Audrey Miranda Prasetya (Zoology student)

Biomedical and behavioural sciences

"Being able to experience some of the latest technologies in the field of science is amazing. This gives me a flavour of what I would be getting into later
on in my career." - Anagi Wickremasinghe (Developmental Biology student)

Earth and environmental sciences

"I started doing science because I wanted to do physiotherapy, but studying geology has totally changed me. I've discovered my interest in natural disasters and it has really driven my direction." - Oliver Moraes (Geosciences student)

Mathematical and computational sciences

"There are so many options for science students; you just got to go and look for them."
- Gabby Sylivris (Mathematics student)

Physical and chemical sciences

"Don’t be afraid, try to get involved in as many things as you can because when you look back it will be worth it."
- Hieu Tran (Chemistry student)