Postgraduate Students

Current PhD & MPhil students in the School of Mathematics:

StudentPhD/MPhilMain SupervisorResearch
Afsane GhafariPhDProf Ian WanlessLatin Squares,  Transversals and Trades in Latin Squares, Combinatorial Research
Alex MagueressePhDProf Santiago BadiaPartial differential equations, Neural network functional spaces, Scientific computing
Andres RubianoPhDA/Prof Ricardo Ruiz BaierPartial differential equations, Scientific computing, Numerical Analysis, Virtual element method
Andrew CookPhDDr Andy HammerlindlDynamical systems, Artificial intelligence, and Computer-assisted proofs
Andrew TylerPhDDr Andy HammerlindlErgodic theory, Topology, Topological dynamics, Measure theory, Differential Topology
Angel MartinezPhDDr Alina DoneaMagnetohydrodynamic simulations, Machine Learning Techniques, Artificial Intelligence
Aram PerezPhD A/Prof Tim GaroniProbability, Statistical Mechanics and Stein’s Method
Awais KhanPhDProf Jerome Droniou Numerical analysis,  Stochastic PDEs,  Gradient discretisation methods
Benjamin LeePhDA/Prof Anja SlimNon-Newtonian fluids, Thin film dynamics
Binghao WuPhDDr Gregory MarkowskyProbability, Stochastic filtering, Local time
Calum RobertsonPhD Prof Todd OliynykGeneral relativity, self-gravitating matter systems, hyperbolic and geometric PDEs
Carl VuPhDA/Prof Anja SlimComputational Fluid Dynamics, Internal Waves, Intrusion processes and Machine Learning
Chathranee JayathilakePhDDr Mark FleggMathematical biology, computational mathematics, ode modelling, enzyme kinetics modelling
Clayton McDonaldPhDDr Gregory MarkowskyPlanar Brownian motion, Stochastic Processes, Stopping times, Probability, Harmonic Measure
Connie HuiPhD Prof Jessica PurcellKnot theory, hyperbolic geometry, low dimensional topology
Dan GentlePhDProf Ian WanlessCombinatorial designs
David JefferiesPhDA/Prof Heiko Dietrich
Group theory, Cubefree groups, GAP - Groups Algorithms and Programming.
Drew MitchellPhDProf Andreas ErnstOperations Research, Optimisation, Power Grid Optimisation, Sustainability
Eileen PanPhD
(Warwick University -Monash University)
A/Prof Heiko DietrichGroup theory, Homological algebra, Representation theory and Algebraic geometry
Elliot MarshallPhDProf Todd OliynykGeneral relativity, numerical PDEs, cosmology
Em ThompsonPhDProf Jessica PurcellLow dimensional topology, knot theory, hyperbolic geometry
Hongyi LyuPhDProf Nick WormaldProbability Theory, Combinatorics, Random Graphs
Huan ChenPhDProf Kais HamzaProbability, Stochastic Processes, Financial Mathematics
Huateng ZhuPhDDr Ngan LeStochastic PDEs and Numerical Analysis
Hridya DilipPhDProf Santiago BadiaDifferential Equations, Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing.
Jack AllsopPhDProf Ian WanlessLatin squares, Perfect 1-factorisations
Jack ThatcherPhDA/Prof Andrea CollevecchioProbability Theory,  Random processes on Graphs, Random walks with long memory
Jiahao WuPhDDr Ivan GuoStochastic Control Problem and Deep learning
Jordi ManyerPhDProf Santiago BadiaFinite Elements, Parallel Solvers, Scientific Computing
Keith ChanPhDDr Simon ClarkeNumerical mathematics, Spectral methods, Multigrid methods, Nonlinear waves, Fluid modelling
Kholod MandooraPhDDr Simon ClarkeNumerical Analysis, Nonlinear waves, and Wave propagation
Kishore NoriPhDProf Santiago BadiaNumerical methods for PDEs, variants of Finite Element Method
Kyria WawrykPhDDr Janosch RiegerNumerical Analysis, Nonlinear Optimisation, and Computational Methods in Control Theory
Liam YemmPhDProf Jerome DroniouHybrid High-Order methods, Partial Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis
Marc DistelPhDProf David WoodStructural Graph Theory, Metric Spaces, Treewidth, Planar graphs, Minor-free, Low distortion maps, L1-norm, Asymptotic Dimension.
Michael GillPhDProf Ian WanlessMutually Orthogonal Latin Squares, Perfect 1-Factorisations, Computational Graph Theory
Natalia McAlisterPhDDr Andy HammerlindlDynamical systems, Ergodic theory, Computer-assisted proofs
Nicholas MuellerPhDProf Santiago BadiaPartial Differential Equations, Scientific Computing, Numerical Analysis, Deep Learning.
Orion ZymarisPhDA/Prof Daniel MathewsCircle packings, conformal geometry, hyperbolic geometry, spinors
Qian WanPhDProf Andreas ErnstOperations Research, Optimisation, Routing and Path Planning Optimisation
Robert HickingbothamPhDProf David WoodStructural graph theory, Graph Colouring
Rui ZhangPhDProf Nick WormaldProbabilistic combinatorics, Random graphs
Russel DemosPhDA/Prof Ricardo Ruiz BaierPartial Differential Equations, Monotone and Pseudo-Monotone Operators, Poromechanics
Shidan LiuPhDDr Ivan GuoFinancial mathematics, Robust pricing and hedging
Shijia JinPhDDr Ivan GuoStochastic Analysis, Stochastic Control and Games, Numerical Probability, High Frequency Markets
Tamara TambyahPhDProf Santiago BadiaPartial differential equations, finite elements methods, scientific computing
Thiago De Paiva SouzaPhDProf Jessica PurcellTopology, Low-dimensional topology, Knot theory and Lorenz links
Victor FagundesMPhilA/Prof Heiko DietrichLie algebras, Lie groups, Algebra, Nilpotent orbit, Karplevich-Mostow theorem
Wei LiPhDProf Santiago BadiaInverse problems, finite element methods and machine learning
Weihang ZhengPhDProf Todd OliynykGeneral relativity, PDE, Geometric Analysis
Ya LiPhDDr Oscar TianStochastic Processes, Financial Mathematics, Statistics and Machine Learning
Yan YablonovskiyPhDA/Prof Andrea CollevecchioProbability on graphs, Percolation, Regularity structures, Statistical Mechanics and Statistical learning.
Yiran ZhaoPhDDr Tiangang CuiData Assimilation, Bayesian Methods, Markov Chain Monte Carlo, Inverse Problem
Yuqin KePhDA/Prof Tianhai TianBayesian statistics, Time series analysis and differential network modelling
Zijun ChenPhDA/Prof Zihua GuoPartial differential equations (especially dispersive PDEs), Long-time dynamics, Low regularity.
Ziwen ZhongPhDProf Kais HamzaProbability, Stochastic Processes, Game Theory and Random Graphs.