Disability Services

Disability Support

Monash University is committed to providing access and equity to all students and staff.  Assistance is available to staff and students with a disability.

For more information please refer to https://www.monash.edu/disability


Monash University is committed to providing an inclusive working environment for all staff. As part of this commitment, the University seeks to ensure equal opportunity for staff with disability and enables them to perform the genuine and reasonable requirements of their role by making appropriate and reasonable adjustments to the staff member’s workplace.

Workplace adjustments refer to the changes made to almost any aspect of work to ensure that staff with disability have an equal opportunity to achieve their full potential as employees. Adjustments may include the provision of support services, accessible facilities, assistive technologies and software and/or the application of flexible work practices so as to facilitate the performance of work by an employee with a disability.

Many staff with disabilities do not require any adjustments in the workplace to carry out the genuine and reasonable requirements of their job and some may only need minor changes at minimal costs.

Staff with disability requesting reasonable workplace adjustments should discuss this with their supervisor or HR Business Partner or refer to:

For more information please refer to https://www.monash.edu/about/diversity-inclusion/staff/disability


Monash promotes access and equity for all of our students.

To access student disability services you must first register with Disability Support Services. This helps the University to assess which services you need to enable you to participate productively and independently in your studies.

Registration with Disability Support Services and discussions with advisers remain private. Information will not be released or shared without your permission.

Should I disclose my disability?

You're not obliged to disclose a disability or medical condition to the University. There are a number of considerations when deciding to disclose or not.

If you do choose to disclose your disability and the impacts on your studies, the University may be able to provide you with support.

Even if you don't need support services, disclosing your disability when enrolling helps the University develop accurate statistics about students with disabilities at Monash.

After consulting with disability services you can make requests to have your needs met. Should you feel that your needs are not being met you can also discuss your issues with your supervisor or your HR Business Partner.

For more information please refer to https://www.monash.edu/disability/services-for-students

People who can help in the School

If you would like to discuss issues in confidence please contact any member of the Gender Equity and Inclusion Committee.